Clearance - for car park

Equipment: mini digger, CAT hydraulic breaker, tracked barrow, pickaxe, chainsaw

Time taken: Six and a half days

Job: Clearing site, hardcore, trees, breaking old subway heavy reinforced concrete structure, plus old water tank

People: Driver, 1 labourer (2-3 labourers supplied + project management)

House extension footings

Equipment: Mini digger > 450mm bucket

Materials: CAT breaker

Location: Hornchurch

Time taken: 2 days

Job: Break surface concrete small footings

Snow clearance

Equipment: Micro digger > grading bucket

Materials: Shovel

Location: Grays

Time taken: 1 days

Job: Clear snow and ice from flat tarmac area

Garden Pond

Equipment: micro digger, shovel, wheelbarrow

Location: Basildon

Time taken: 3 days

People: 1 Driver

MOT inspection pit

Equipment: Micro digger > 600mm bucket

Materials: CAT breaker

Location: Hackney

Time taken: 2 days

Job: Break surface concrete and dig 2.1m deep pit for an MOT inspection pit

Swimming Pool fill

Equipment: micro digger, kango hammer, axe, rake

Location: Brentwood

Time taken: Two & Half days

Job: Fill in pool with bank of soil and level off area for garden.

People: Driver, 1 Labourer

Manouvered micro digger through front door, house and rear door - up a set of decking stairs and into garden. Demolish retaining wall and mud bank and start filling pool, packing mud as we dig. Layering pool with hardcore (from surround) every 2 feet, and again packing mud. Talking steel liner and supports off surround. Level off garden - ready to turf.

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