Please find some helpful links here. Note we do NOT partner any 3rd party company, we advise that you look up your LOCAL 3rd suppliers for the best price. If you would like us to order waste services we do not take responsibility for their reliability or charges.



Most of your questions will be specific to your job, so give us a ring! or email us with more technical questions.


Q: Can I hire a piece of equipment for 1 day?

A: Yes, at minidigger-hire the minimum chargeable block is 1 day, we offer special rates for block bookings of more than 2 days, although we may work half days depending on your project type and your distance from us.


Q: What deposit do need to give?

A: At Mini digger-hire we don't ask for a deposit, we only ask that payment is made in full when the work is finished to your brief.


Q: Do you only supply to the domestic customer?

A: No, we regularly work for large public services, private organisations and councils.


Q: What about VAT and invoicing?

A: We charge VAT at rate of 20% and can supply an invoice and receipts for the work carried out. We accept payment by cash, cheque, paypal or bank deposit.


Q: What happens if I need the machine for longer?

A: Let us know as soon as possible. As mentioned before we supply drivers for our diggers and handle our own equipment, but it is normally easy for us to extend our work and we often work over normal day hours to finish a project.


Q: What happens if the machine breaks down?

A: At Mini digger-hire we aim to respond to machinery breakdowns as soon as possible. If we can't fix the machinery we can get replacements from local suppliers quickly.


Waste management

Most domestic waste needs to cleared away with professional services or heavy vehicles. We recommend using Brocks Haulage.

Web Link: Brocks Haulage



You do need to get local authority permission

to leave a skip outside the boundaries of your properties. Also when hiring heavy vehicles to either drop off materials or collect domestic waste, check if your road, driveway, pavement can handle the weight of such vehicles.

Tarmac driveways often giveway to this kind of weight.

Web Link: RBF skips


Tree surgery

We (minidigger-hire) can trim, maintain, clear and cut down trees, and dig out entire tree roots.

Trees and roots greatly effect your property, and any planned footings for any building work you plan to build. We have experience of the planning process involved in this and how to solve problem.



Our diggers can level ground. We have experience of

clearing land, removing trees, concrete and other unwanted structures, leveling the ground and preparing it for either building, turfing, concreting or any other domestic use.



Most domestic building works require some sort of foundations to build upon. We are footings and foundation specialists. Our digger buckets are the regulation width for digging footings of small medium and large buildings.



We can work UP TO damp proof course level.

This means all of the ground works (from your local authority

approved plans) including digging the footings, concreting, any reinforcing, and the first level of brickwork ready for construction of your building.


Repair, rebuild, renovate

We often undertake repair work on external buildings, normally where tree roots have disrupted foundations, or subsidence has occured. We can also dig the trenches needed to underpin. In these circumstances we only provide a digging service, we are not surveyors, and do not have scaffolding or heavy lifting equipment, but are normally contracted in as part of your DIY project.

Our Policy - Terms and Conditions

By making your confirmation via email to commence work and your intention of MDH to enter your property, you therefore accept these these non-negotiable terms and conditions.


Mini digger hire (MDH) is a responsible company, we will take the upmost care whilst on your property. We are also expert digger drivers and have many years experience. Fortunately we have never had to report any incidents at work so far, however, accidents can happen.


Our indemnity

MDH will not take any responsibility for damage caused to your or your neighbours property, i.e. walls, fences, posts, paths, trees or plants whilst accessing and working on your property nor any services such as pipes, electrical cables, sewer pipes, water pipes etc.


You must inform a member of MDH of any concerns BEFORE we start work. If you are unsure of who’s property we are operating on or driving through, or where any services (mentioned above) are, then PLEASE consort advice before MDH begin work. You must also take provision to protect the council property joining your boundary, e.g. the pavement, curbs or road outside your driveway once again we cannot be responsibly for damage to council property whilst undertaking your work.


Please bear in mind that when the driver is operating machinery they cannot hear you, nor should you stand near any machinery that is being operated.


Please ask our staff if you do not understand any of the above.

We will try (at your consent) to repair any damage caused if possible, and we will temporarily repair services like gas and water pipes, but again we are not responsible for their permanent repair or upkeep.

This indemnity is available in print, and we encourage you to read and sign it BEFORE we start work on your project.


If you are unclear about any points please ask us as a matter of priority, before we start work. Once we start work, what is under YOUR ground is YOUR responsibility.


3rd Party supplers / other contractors.

If you would like us to order waste services or any other suppliers, including hired help or contractors, including your own builders/workers or anyone on site - we do not take responsibility for their health and safety, reliability, costs/charges, activities in around your property your neighbours of the adjoining boundaries owned by the council or any groundworks (anything under the ground) belongong or not belonging to you.



Any questions regarding our policy, please send to us asap before we commence work.


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